When you register a domain, you will have the option to add privacy protection to block your personal data from the public. Depending on who your registrar and hosting provider is, they will sometimes offer domain privacy at no extra cost.

Here at Tommoz Hosting, we do more than just provide powerful web hosting. We also provide extra tools to help protect our customers and their personal information. One of the best features we offer for online security is Domain Privacy.

WHOIS ICANN Directory: Is your Information Private?

ICANN, the organization tasked by the government with managing domain names, requires contact information for every domain owner to be publicly listed in a Whois database. This makes it easy for anyone to find and contact the owner of a domain name, including scam artists, hackers, and identity thieves. Whois can potentially list the following contact details:

  • Phone number
  • Email address
  • Home address

Fortunately, by simply enabling Domain Privacy, we mask your personal info with our own. You still own your domain name, but your contact details won’t be publicly displayed. For example, the address and telephone number listed will be that of Tommoz Hosting instead of your own.

To enable Domain Privacy on any of your domains, simply log into your Tommoz Hosting control panel and click the “Upgrades” tab. Keep your personal information private!

Is Domain Privacy Worth It: Pros & Cons

You might be asking yourself, “Is domain name privacy necessary”? The short answer is it is up to you if you want to protect your personal information from being shown in the directories but we will review the reasons why you should & potentially shouldn’t add domain protection.